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 Capital B tends to become an investment partner in projects with the status of an economic, social, and cultural accelerator, either by being the main shareholder in the consulting company Abkons - which has an affinity for development projects - or by offering assets to developing parties for large-scale projects that bring significant change to a wide scale, in a district or regional level. 

 Capital B is investing to build a wind farm with an installed capacity of 60 MW. 

It will have 20 wind turbines installed in an area of 90 ha, with 3000 KW of energy produced by each wind turbine. 

The wind farm is set to be located in a favorable area in the south of Albania.  

The investment has been estimated to have a total cost of 64,2 mln euros. The development of the wind farm is estimated to happen within a period of 3 years.

 Capital B offers assets that can serve as a ground for real estate that can bring development to the area, promoting the stay of inhabitants and even attracting new residents.  We chooses to invest with companies that ensure the proper development of real estate. The company also offers its contribution to the sale and purchase of properties as well as to renting.

Capital B has acquired a series of assets that make for great locations to develop residential complexes and attract inhabitants to these areas.