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About Capital B

Basha Capital Group LLC was founded in 2014 in Tirana, with the aim to support companies that operate in the fields of development, consultancy on development projects, financial services, engineering, construction, leasing, property, and fast-moving consumer goods. 

The company is inclined towards projects that can potentially bring improvement and have an overall positive impact on a large scale. Basha Capital Group LLC invests in the development of real estate, construction of power plants – especially those with renewable resources – and other activities that can promote sustainable development in a large radius with a perspective to positively impact the local economy. 

Basha Capital Group LLC acquires assets with the aim to revitalize communities and provide residential areas in locations that can be upgraded into local landmarks.

The company also invests in activities in the field of tourism with the intention to promote the exploration of the full touristic potential of key points in the Albanian Riviera, incentivizing the development of assets to diversify the touristic experience in order to generate sustainable income in relatively isolated areas with seasonal visitor flows.

The companies Basha Capital Group holds stock at, carry out activities that are related to development and to the improvement of life quality, be it as a consultant, financing, or implementing partner in projects and transactions that can positively affect stakeholders, or as a partner for the provision of property and high-quality products.