A swiss techno-label

capital B

About us

„Since we’ve met, we’ve shared the same love and passion for raw, back to the roots techno music. Everyone adds in different quips and quirks from the underground scene, which has always had a big influence on us. At the studio or the booth we try to let the music speak for us and let our take on techno music seep trough. Sometimes we let our positive sides come trough, but most of the time we let our demons take over our art.“

- Founding Members (Azoth, Cigano, Fabio Nilo, Olishas, Rafael)

What we do

We do more than just mixing. We also produce our own music and host events.




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Blog Nr. 4

01 Jun 2017

In the last couple of months we looked for an artist who designs covers for our releases. Thanks to everybody who send…

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Blog Nr. 3

15 Mar 2017

Artist Nordmann and capital B decided to go different ways from now on. We would like to thank him for everything and…

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Exploring the Unknown @ Provisorium (BS)

15 Feb 2017

On 29. January 2017 we had our first afterhour „Exploring the Unkown“ with our friends from the label Underline Eventz at the…

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