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Basha Capital Group is among the main shareholders at the company Abkons, a leading engineering, development, and management consultancy firm in the Western Balkans. 

Abkons is a partner of choice in major sustainable development projects with paramount impact in the region. It provides solutions throughout all the steps of the way, currently offering expertise in more than 50 fields. Abkons business model is that of a One-Stop-Shop, meaning that it is constantly looking to innovate itself and expand its services to ensure on-budget and on-time delivery of all the phases: pre-construction, construction, and operational phase. 

Abkons Services

Environmental, Social and Cultural Heritage


  • ESIA/EIA and associated E&S studies
  • E&S Audit and Monitoring
  • E&S Management Planning and Capacity Building
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Water and Waste Management
Land Management and Cadaster


  • Land Management
  • Land Acquisition & Resettlement
  • Cadaster Services                          
  • GIS Mapping & Geodatabases
  • Aerial and Terrestrial Topographic Surveys


  • Engineering Design              
  • Construction Supervision                  
  • Construction Management (Quality Management)
  • Procurement              
  • Commissioning and Maintenance           
Architecture and Permitting


  • Urban Planning                     
  • Architecture                              
  • Project Management                       
  • Permitting Consultancy                

Abkons Projects

Detailed Design of New Port of Durres in Porto Romano

Trans Adriatic Pipeline

Vetrozelena Wind Farm

Karavasta Solar Park

Devoll Hydropower

Basha owns shares at the Albanian Financial Institution (AFI), a private company licensed by the Bank of Albania as a Non-Bank Financial Institution.  

AFI operates through the quality of services, experience, and knowledge to deliver not only useful but also successful and innovative solutions.

AFI’s mission is to provide the highest level of financial services in a friendly and professional way in order to foster business development and wise use of financial instruments. By guaranteeing stability and financial development we increase the knowledge and skills of our clients to manage and control their financial situation.

AFI Services



  • Auto Leasing
  • Transport Leasing
  • Machineries & Equipment Leasing
  • Real Estate Leasing


  • Domestic Factoring                            
  • Import/Export Factoring                           
  • International Factoring                          
  • Public Sector Factoring                    
  • Indirect Factoring


  • Business Loans                                    
  • Consumer Loans for Individuals                        
  • Non-Performing Loans (NPL) Portfolio Acquisition
Administration of Accounts Receivable


Assistance in the administration of accounts receivable
Keeping records                                                
Contacting debtors and other activities with the purpose of collecting accounts receivable on time