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Introducing Abkons: Supporting the Communities Through Challenging Landscapes

The Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) stands as a cornerstone of energy infrastructure in the region, providing a vital link amidst geographically difficult territories, such as the gorgeous but impervious Backe village in southeastern Albania, situated at an altitude of almost 1600 meters. Even there, challenges are no match for our dedicated team.Abkons has been proudly serving as a consultant for TAP pipeline, among other tasks, for Land Acquisition and Environmental and Social Impact Assessment.The Abkons team is not deterred by rugged landscapes or weather conditions; we believe that each doubt and grievance raised by the local community deserves an empathetic ear and a comprehensive response. Our goal is clear: support the development of this monumental project while safeguarding the well-being of communities along its path.At Abkons, it is not just about accomplishing tasks; it is about building bridges between stakeholders. We recognize that successful project implementation intertwines with fostering positive relationships based on trust and transparency.#Abkons #LocalKnowledgeGlobalStandards #TAP #BuildingBridges