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Capital B

Capital B is a holding company with an affinity for companies and projects that relate to development, from a local to a regional level, services in the field of consultancy and finance, clean energy, and fast-moving consumer goods. Our aim is to provide assets and offer opportunities to individuals and companies that are looking to improve their standards. 

We see each investment as part of a greater picture, meaning that we give value to the impact it can have on a larger scale




Portfolio of Companies


Abkons is one of the premier engineering, development and management consulting firms in the Western Balkans with presence in Albania, Serbia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina. With its team of professionals, extensive network of consultants and experts, and unparalleled ability to navigate the complex demands of the regions legislations and bureaucracy, Abkons is the partner of choice for all investors engaging in major projects in industries such as Energy, Transport, Infrastructure, Environment, Tourism, Agriculture, Water, Wastewater etc


Albanian Financial Institution (AFI) is a company with private capital, licensed by the Bank of Albania as a Non-Bank Financial Institution with license number 39 in 2016, which will offer all forms of lending, financial leasing, factoring, administration of accounts receivable and financial advisory services.

Solar Horizon

Solar Horizon is a company active in the field of renewable and alternative energy. Some of its expertise involve, among others, the drafting of projects, implementation and construction of capacities and new alternative sources of electricity production, production and sale-purchase of Photovoltaic, Hydro, Solar Energy.

Basha Retail

Basha Retail and Distribution (BRD) is a distribution company in Albania and Kosovo marketing a wide range of international brands. Our sales model is focused on three key priorities: Having maximum reach to retailers and customers at competitive prices, Strong performing sales force and execution of orders

Our expertise

Capital B directs its investments towards real estate development, the construction of power plants (with a particular emphasis on renewable energy sources), and various initiatives aimed at fostering sustainable development within a wide geographical area, all with the intention of positively contributing to the local economy
Our Values

Our values are our polestar, they reflect the commitment of the company towards ethical business practices, sustainability, innovation, customer satisfaction, safety, social responsibility, diversity & inclusion in order to deliver high-quality construction projects while promoting renewable energy solutions and driving tourism development.
Customer Focus
Diversity and Inclusion
Social Responsibility